Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use…

Samsung Cameras

Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
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Samsung Camera is a leading edge technology company that delivers superior digital cameras that combine with advanced designs for today’s and future generations with technological innovation. Samsung’s worldwide brand image has been greatly improved in recent years – it is considered to be the top 20 of the world’s strongest brands and it is recognized as the fourth fastest growing brand in the world.

Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
The Samsung Jics-10 and 5 new lenses were announced this morning. Samsung Jics 10 is a 10 megapixel digital SLR camera, 2.5 inch LCD screen, built in optical photo stabilization technology (CCD CD), dust removal function, water proof and anti-dust coating, one touch roy button and continuous shooting. 3 fps Samsung GX10 and lenses are expected to be available in October.

Samsung Release

Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
Samsung, UK, Samsung today announced the launch of Samsung GOS-10 Digital SLR of 10.2 megapixels, the company’s first DSLR to stand firmly with the elaborate enthusiast photographer for detailed functions, stunning designs, easy to use and searching for real value for money – all the cameras Samsung announces five more lenses, which will be released before the end of 2006, GX-10 and GX-1 series users will give more freedom to express their creativity through the Samsung DSRR range.

Brilliant Design Cameras

Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
Accepting the images is easily made with Pantry Pace Viewfinder, with its high magnification (0.95x) so that a good, large field (95%) is available for best shooting. The GX-10 also comes in a wide view of 2.5 “TFT LCD (210k pixels), with its strong built-in optical picture stability (Ops) technology, GX-10 camera images can change the CCD to obscure the pictures, lens information ensures that the results per month. Is sharp.
Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
GX-10‘s advanced design features the camera is equipped with a special water-proof and anti-dust coating, and ensures enough firmness to take quality pictures in wet, sandy or dust conditions. The GX-10 included in the improved dust function removes problem-related dust from the camera when it explodes the camera automatically, resulting in the perfect deterioration of images, with the least effort of the photographer. The CCD protection window provides more dust distribution by special coating.
Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
One-touch RAB button built between GX-10, RAW files are made available to users when they are simple and instantly available during normal JPEG shooting. RAW files can be checked on LCD and then convert them directly to JPEG format with built-in converter for convenience.
Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
With GX-10, 3 fps (frames per second) can be continued shooting; RAW files can be shot at the same speed up to 9 frames; Provide the best opportunity for the user to get a great picture.
Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
The GX-10 photographer is designed to customize and my camera control is designed to be designed with my set dial option so that you can personalize your dial settings and use the most used functions to use the ultimate ease.

Amazing Lens Offering

Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
Samsung further announced that the signs of five lenses will start in late 2006. This lens is designed to enable genuine independence in the creative process, and includes: fish eye lens (fish eyes 10-17mm F3.5-F4.5 ED), an ultra zoom lens (12-24mm F4 ED AL), a A wide zoom lens (16-45mm F4 ED AL), a fixed focus lens (35 mm F2 AL) and a macro lens (macro 100 mm F2.8). The lenses will also be compatible with DSLRs introduced by Samsung years ago – the GX-1S and GX-1L which were targeted towards serious amateur photographers.

Pricing and availability

Samsung Self-flying Camera Anyone Can Use….
GX-10 and lenses are expected to be available in October.
Main advantages:
• Professional digital SLR camera with 10.2 megapixel CCD sensor
• Decrease of optical image stabilization reduces with image-sensor shift process
• With dust-free CCD dust removal system
• Manufactured resistant to water, sand, or other potentially harmful substances,
• 95% of the field of view, Bright Paint Project Viewfinder (0.95x magnitude)
• Bright adjustable and wide-angle view 2.5 “TFT LCD (210K)
• Raw file format support (with conversion)
• Shooting of 3 pictures per second daily (up to memory)
• High sensitivity ISO 1600 support
• TTL Phase-Match 11 points Wide F.
• TTL open-aperture 16 segment metering system

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